Laboratoire Génie Civil et BâtimentLGCB - UMR 5513

The École Nationale des Travaux Publics de l’État (ENTPE) is an engineering school of the ministry of Ecology (formely Equipment) settled in Vaulx-en-Velin since 1975, affiliated from 2008 to the University of Lyon.

Among six research laboratories, ENTPE hosts the Laboratory Génie civil et Bâtiment (LGCB). The LGCB has 25 full-time researchers and teacher-researchers, 35 PhD students, 5 non-permanent postdoctoral personnel and 4 Engineers/Technicians. Most of the members of the LGCB are integrated in the UMR 5513 CNRS (LTDS), and the acoustic researchers partly belong to the Laboratory of excellence Centre Lyonnais d’acoustique (CeLyA) created in 2011.

The research is organized around the following topics : Soils, Infrastructure and Structures ; Dynamics, Auscultation, Control (DAC) ; Materials and Multiphysics ; Physics and Humain Perception of Environment. The activity of the DAC team involves theoretical, numerical and experimental aspects, applied either to the model reduction of complex dynamic systems, or to the health monitoring and diagnosis of existing structures. The theoretical works are mostly based on multi-scale analysis, as homogenisation for linear media (discrete, continuous, porous) with large (infinite) numbers of degrees of freedom, or asymptotic approaches devoted to nonlinear systems with few degrees of freedom. Practical applications concern the analysis and design of (i) unconventional media behaving as generalized continua, namely higher gradient media or meta-materials, or (ii) specific nonlinear auxilary systems adapted to the dynamic control of a main structure.


In this project, the LGCB is mainly involved in the modelling and design of a noise absorber with inner resonances and linear or nonlinear effects.